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Our business was born out of sheer necessity as we have successfully performed all of the offerings we provide with our own families and friends. As Plato said, "Necessity is the mother of invention," and nothing could be more true in our case. We started our company because through our own experiences with the death of loved ones and due to the complicated nature of both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances accompanying a death, we know there is a need for an objective third party support system.

Baron Farm Community Services provides 11 core advisory offerings for individuals and their families in order to plan for and manage end of life events. At the time of our own passing or someone else's, there are many confusing and potentially expensive tasks that need to be completed in order to close out an estate.

Completing all of the necessary paperwork, tasks, and management of closing an estate is stressful for many busy families and many do not know how to navigate these waters, specifically during a time of grief. Some individuals may know how to complete aspects of estate management and closure, but may underestimate the stress, confusion, time and costs associated with the process.


The best way to describe what we will do to support your decisions and provide you control over what will happen at the end of your life or to assist you with the death of a loved one; is to view us as a personal concierge with ultimate accountability to our client's plans and wishes.

While discussing and planning for the end of life as we know it can be uncomfortable, it does not have to be and may in fact provide a greater perspective on how we are currently living our lives and give us a sense of power by giving us control over our final business arrangements. We take great pride in being of service to  improve this experience having had to endure it multiple times in our own lives.

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